Respectable Film Festival To Respect H.G. Lewis. WHAT?!

The Buffalo Niagra Film Festival has chosen it’s first Guest of Honor and it’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.. and..and.. oh my goodness, it’s the Godfather of Gore himself Herschell Gordon Lewis, director of “Blood Feast”, “2000 Maniacs”, “The Wizard of Gore”, and “The Gore-Gore Girls”! This writer wonders if there willl there be an…EGYPTIAN feast? Congratulations, H.G.! It’s about damn time.
Blood Feast

From the press release:
“The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival has announced its first guest of honor: legendary film producer Herschell Gordon Lewis, aka “The Godfather of Gore,” will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the horror film genre. The festival runs from March 24th – 29th. Lewis will appear in person on Thursday, March 27th, which has been designated “Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Day.”
A few years back IOF had a brief chat with the legend himself, check it out:

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