EXCLUSIVE Clip From William Butler’s FURNACE!

We’ve just been provided with an exclusive clip from Billy Butler’s upcoming DVD release FURNACE, which hits shelves on February 12th, 2008! Horror fans recognize filmmaker Butler both in front of the camera (LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW 3, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1990, GHOULIES 2) as well as behind it (MADHOUSE). He also penned RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4 and 5. FURNACE stars Michael Pare (BLOODRAYNE), Danny Trejo (ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN) and Tom Seizmore (TRUE ROMANCE). Check out the clip below!

SYNOPSIS – Welcome to the ultimate death sentence. While investigating bizarre suicides inside a maximum-security prison, Detective Michael Turner (Michael Paré) uncovers a nightmare more threatening than the hardened criminals serving time. Behind the walls lies a supernatural force hell-bent on revenge. And as the body count rises so does the terror…

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