Ben Templesmith Cover For HALLOWEEN: NIGHTDANCE ISSUE 4!

Holy crap! I’m excited enough as it is for writer Stef Hutchinson (HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR) and artist Tim Seeley’s comic book series HALLOWEEN: NIGHTDANCE, featuring our favorite movie maniac Michael Myers. (The original version no less!) Stef has been revealing exclusive cover artwork on the official My Space page for weeks now, but today he dropped the one I’ve personally been waiting for… Issue 4’s cover by artist Ben Templesmith, one of the creators of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT! Check it out below… I just can’t find the words besides… AWESOME!

The first issue of HALLOWEEN: NIGHTDANCE hits comic store shelves THIS Wednesday!

Visit the official My Space page:

ISSUE 4: Ben Templesmith cover!


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