Just added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with actor AJ BOWEN! This winter you’re going to be introduced to a whole staple of new talent when “THE SIGNAL” releases. Once again we sat down with one of the lead actors from this amazing new film. Actor AJ Bowen plays Louis, another victim of the strange transmission that is wreaking havoc in the city of Terminus. It’s no surprise with a film as strong as “THE SIGNAL” is that some huge genre fans were behind the making of it, and AJ is no exception. Here we got to geek out over USA Up All Night, “Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama”, and talk serious about what an incredible collaborative effort “THE SIGNAL” was.

Click the frame to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with AJ BOWEN!

Also, read our interview with THE SIGNAL stars ANESSA RAMSEY & JUSTIN WELBORN!

Our FIRST LOOK review of THE SIGNAL (Out in theaters February 22nd, 2008!)

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