5 thoughts on “SAW IV: Danny Price’s Review

  1. Oh, Danny! Stop picking on Beth! I liked it too! (And you can read the specifics in my review) I liked all the traps, I thought they were among the best of the series. (The scalp pull, the multiple knives to the face, the pressure point spears.)
    I will admit that this movie relies too much on your knowledge of the previous films, and leaves far too many questions unanswered so you HAVE to see SAW V. And I don’t dig that. The other 3 can stand on their own as individual movies, but that’s my gripe with this one.
    Regardless, I’ll be there for SAW V. I want to know what the hell Hoffman’s deal is. And it better be good!!!

  2. lol Don’t get me wrong I know that it was more average then downright terrible but it lost points because it wasn’t spectacular (as was how it was made out to be).
    The DVD has however renewed my interest somehow, I want to see how Hoffmans reveal in somewhat alternate ending affects things.
    I will still be following SAW V as well (already a known on the IMDb board lol) but i’m going to be more causious going in!

  3. lol, oh my god… Ya know, I can’t believe I’m getting shit for liking part 4 when i was doing my part by hating the first 3! I just thought this one was so impressive because (like YOU said) the special effects on his corpse RULES and they tied the whole story together, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t one of the greastest movies of all time, but for film releases in 07, I thought it was one of the better ones.
    Besides, I already gave you my piece of mind about 1408…ahhh heemm CRAP! AND I don’t think Hostel II was any better than Saw 4…so :p

  4. I cop a lot of crap for liking SAW IV also and I take it because I really enjoyed this installment. The specialf effects and the traps were excellent. The acting slightly improved I thought. A lot of background information was explained which I greatly appreciated. Fine, it was confusing but you just needed to think about it for a while and you realise it all makes sense and we didn’t see it coming. I couldn’t care less if this installment needs knowledge of the past movies to know what’s going on, this was for die-hard fans. Bring on SAW V because I have a feeling it will blow us away!

  5. I associate those who loved SAW IV but hated the first 3 with those unique individuals who hated the first 3 JAWS films but loved JAWS: THE REVENGE lol
    You know what, Icons needs to start doing podcasts, it’s clear that we have varying opinions and a podcast is the only possible solution

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