Italian Short THE DIRT From Argento Vet’s Now on My Space!

The new short film from directors Simona and Claudio Simonetti and starring Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni just launched it’s official My Space page over at! The film also stars Robert Madison, Urbano Lione and Beatrice Arnera Gavarotti and will feature a score by Claudio Simonetti (of GOBLIN fame!) Read on for a link to the My Space page, a synopsis and a poster and picture from THE DIRT!

Official My Space page:

Synopsis: A subtle mix of horror, thriller and drama, THE DIRT, centers on a married woman (Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni), a photographer, and her all-consuming wish to have a child.

During the course of the film, this woman develops a very morbid relationship with an unusual plant that grows in her living room, one that holds many secrets—but none as dark as the woman has herself.

The film, directed by Simona and Claudio Simonetti, will feature a score composed and performed by legendary musician Claudio Simonetti (of GOBLIN fame!), as well as special makeup FX courtesy of Italian FX icon Sergio Stivaletti.

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni in THE DIRT
with Robert Madison Urbano Lione Beatrice Arnera Gavarotti
Director of photography Roberta Allegrini Special FX Sergio Stivaletti
Music Claudio Simonetti Produced by Salvatore Corazza
Screenplay Simona Simonetti & Lynn Swanson
Directed by Simona Simonetti & Claudio Simonetti

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