It’s Official… FREDDY’S BACK… But In A Remake!

It was inevitable. Variety’s reporting that Platinum Dunes consisting of Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, those fellows who remade THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, AMITYVILLE HORROR and THE HITCHER are planning on re-introducing a new Freddy Krueger to the world in a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET relaunch. This news is hot on the heels of their proposed FRIDAY THE 13TH remake, which is set to start shooting this April for a release sometime next year. Sigh. Hope they don’t hire a wrestler to portray Freddy Krueger

Odette Yustman who played "Beth" in CLOVERFIELD is the first announced cast member of the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake from Platinum Dunes according to the article. The FRIDAY reboot is being directed by Marcus Nispel. (Who helmed THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake) (Other horror web-publications are reporting that Variety’s got it wrong and that Yustman is actually cast in David Goyer’s new untitled supernatural thriller.)

Lord help us on the Freddy relaunch.

Original Variety article: