SOUTH TEXAS BLUES Talk On Ain’t It Cool News!

If you’ve seen Chris Garetano’s documentary debut HORROR BUSINESS, or caught glimpses of his short film COTTONMOUTH (based on the GORE SHRIEK comic book), then you know you’re in for a visually unique and exciting experience when it comes to any of his films. Up next on his slate is a feature length film titled SOUTH TEXAS BLUES about the making of the original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. Today, Ain’t It Cool News spoke to him extensively about the project, and the pitch film is embedded into the original article in high resolution. Below you’ll find links to the interview, as well as links to Garetano’s 2 interviews with ICONS OF FRIGHT!

Interview 1: (Aug. 2005)

Interview 2: (May 2007)

The SOUTH TEXAS BLUES My Space page:

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