Really? MY BLOODY VALENTINE Gets A Release Date?

Hmm… PROM NIGHT? APRIL FOOL’S DAY? What’s next.. MY BLOODY VALENTINE? Apparently so. Courtesy of Lionsgate, a remake of MY BLOODY VALENTINE is slated for release February 13th, 2009. No writer, director or cast is set yet, proving yet again that it really doesn’t matter who’s making it, as long as that "title" gets released to cash in on fans that recognize it. Sigh.

The original "slasher" cult-classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE was directed by George Mihalka from a script by John Beaird based on a story by Stephen A. Miller. The 1981 flick is one of the more mean-spirited "slasher" movies of that era. Give it a rental or buy.

3 Responses to “Really? MY BLOODY VALENTINE Gets A Release Date?”
  1. crisa says:

    This looks scary reminds me of crazy x-boyfriend

  2. Robg says:

    That’s actually the poster from the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE, which you can pick up on DVD or at the video store.

  3. Brad says:

    wow are u serious. Finally there remaking the movie which got me watching horror movies in the first place. THANK U MY BLOODY VALENTINE

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