EXCITING NEW FRIGHT FEATURE! Starting THIS month, January 2008, we’re encouraging female horror fans, models, screamqueens and actresses to submit their horror themed photographs for a chance to be selected as a FRIGHT GIRL OF THE MONTH! Each month, we will feature a new girl in the FRIGHT GIRL OF THE MONTH column. We’re reserving this coveted spot for the biggest and hottest horror fans! The benefits include exposure for up-and-coming models, actresses and just about anyone trying to make a name for themselves in the horror biz. Or it could just be something to do for fun to truly profess their love of all things FRIGHT! Read on for all the details!

All you have to do is send your pictures to frightgirls@iconsoffright.com along with your questionnaire and signed release form. All the details on how do be considered are all listed below. PLEASE read all the details carefully when making a submission. And have fun with your photos and responses to the questionnaire!





The rules are simple.

You must be at least 18 years of age.

All you have to do is submit a couple of high resolution images of yourself and fill out the 13 Fright Insights survey.

Feel free to be naughty and gory, but keep it PG-13 (no nudity). We encourage you to be creative, provocative and make it somewhat horror related. Meaning, you can have fun with it by re-creating something from one of your favorite horror movies. OR take some pictures with horror items from your personal collection. OR do something sexy involving special FX make-up. It’s all up to you!

ALSO important – You must download the following two word documents and return them both to us with your submissions.

The first is a questionnaire in which you’ll be asked to answer 13 questions about why you love the horror genre so much. Feel free to elaborate! Your responses will run with the pictures as your horror “stats”.

Word Document 1: fright_girl_questions

The second word document is a release form, granting us permission to post your pictures on our site should you be selected as our FRIGHT GIRL OF THE MONTH. You must sign the release form, scan it and email it back along with the rest of your submissions to frightgirls@iconsoffright.com.

Word Document 2: fright_girl_release

We will inform you if you’ve been picked as our FRIGHT GIRL OF THE MONTH, at which time we would also ask for proof of age through a scan of your state-issued ID.

Go crazy and have fun with it!


Q: Will I be paid for this?

A: No. But the glory and honor is yours almighty Fright Girl forever and ever.

Q: What’s in the 13 Questions?

A: Stuff about horror movies you like, nothing personal. And yes, you have to answer them, and we’d love you to take your time with it because your brains smell so good…so…spicy.

Q: Should I use any particular format for the pictures?

A: JPEG, GIF, and PSD are all acceptable.

Q: Any particular resolution?

A:  Images being accepted should be 1200×800 with a preferred resolution of 150. The minimum resolution is 125 and the max is 250. <–Someone told us this, we have no idea what we’re really talking about.

Q: So why no nudity?

A: We don’t have enough lawyers to even think about including nudity on the site, and also, we think jail is a very bad place and want to stay out of there. But hey–gore? GO FOR IT!

Q: Do I REALLY have to be 18, even if I get parental permission?

A: See above regarding lawyers and jail. Also, when selected, yes, we will require a scan of your state-issued photo ID, no exceptions. (All personal information is specifically for legal reasons and is completely confidential.)

Q: How long will I be on the site?

A: If selected you will be the featured Fright Girl for a specific month. Then, your profile and picture will remain archived on the site. So pretty much you’ll live forever on Icons of Fright, immortal, just like the vampires and the zombies.

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