SIGNAL Star Bowen Talks MAIDENHEAD With Dread!

Those fiends at Dread Central recently got the chance to have a lengthy chat with AJ Bowen, one of the leads in THE SIGNAL (opening on February 22nd, 2008 from Magnolia Pictures) and during his interview he talked about his recently completed project MAIDENHEAD, a genre offering which Bowen described as a "feature-length Twilight Zone episode; essentially it’s Psycho in reverse.” Read on for more quotes and info on the intriguing flick, as well as links to Dread’s original interview!

On MAIDENHEAD, AJ Bowen told Dread’s Johnny Butane, "”I co-produced and starred in a film that we shot late summer in Austin, TX called Maidenhead. It’s a friend of mine’s story; he wrote a really excellent, counter-culture script that’s a genre picture. It’s about a guy who’s taking care of his dad who just so happens to be a vampire. It’s a very atmospheric story."

Bowen stars in the flick, alongside Michael Parks (KILL BILL, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN).

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