Rest In Peace – Maila Nurmi aka VAMPIRA

(Sent in by FRIGHT friend Nicole) Maila Nurmi, known as Vampira to all, passed away in the comforts of her Hollywood home as she slept. She was 85 years old. Being an animal lover with her own coming first before anything, if you wish to donate to Much Love Animal Rescue (, do so in Maila’s name. Thank you for all your amazing words and sharing your beautiful heart with us over the years, Maila. May you rest forever in peace.

4 thoughts on “Rest In Peace – Maila Nurmi aka VAMPIRA

  1. This was from FANGORIA’s post about her passing earlier today: Regarding funeral arrangements, “They are pending legal steps, as Maila had no relatives,” Moore reveals. “We are going to do our best to see if we can get her a spot at Hollywood Forever, and will likely plan some sort of hearse procession for her.”

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