We’ve heard rumblings of this for a few months now, but it’s official. CBS will start airing the first season of Showtime’s break-out series DEXTER starting Sunday February 17th, 2008 in the 10PM time-slot. While it’ll be neat that DEXTER’s audience will grow, will the show still be great with it’s graphic content and subject matter edited down for network television? SEASON THREE of the series is still set to debut later this year on Showtime, pending the end of the writer’s strike. More details below!

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Since CBS is looking to fill time slots with new shows, considering the on-going writer’s strike, it looks like they’ll start by airing an edited version of Showtime series DEXTER on Sunday’s at 10PM starting Feburary 17th.

The above article states, "The show’s 12-episode first season will air on consecutive Sundays on CBS, which is a corporate cousin of Showtime. CBS officials say this is the first time a full season of a premium cable drama has made the transition to network television."

If anything, this will open up a broader audience for the series, starring Michael C. Hall in the title role. Meanwhile, SEASON THREE should be resuming later in the year on Showtime pending the end of the writer’s strike. We’re still awaiting word on an official release date for SEASON TWO on DVD! We’ll keep you posted!


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  1. I love this show, it’s something out of the ordinary. I never miss an episode. Cannot wait till the series comes out on DVD. Hope this show is to last awhile.

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