Is FREDDY Finally Coming Back? ALSO – Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash Issue 3 Out!

Is FREDDY KRUEGER finally coming back to the big screen? Bloody-Disgusting is reporting they got an insider to reveal that New Line is currently developing a new NIGHTMARE film and NOT a sequel to 2003’s FREDDY VS JASON. Makes sense to focus on solo movies considering New Line’s plan to relaunch Jason Voorhees in their upcoming FRIDAY THE 13th movie later this year. (Being helmed by TEXAS CHAINSAW director Marcus Nispen) Check out THIS link to check out B-D’s full story. Also, because of the New Year holiday, comic book releases were delayed until Friday. FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH Issue Number 3 came out this week! Check out the cover below!

  • Al. Best

    OH MY GOD! Freddy is my FAVORITE MOVIE! I love all of Roberts work, but the Freddy movies by far are my absolute addiction! I cannot wait!

  • Danny

    I can’t see how they’re going to make it any good, whether it’s a sequel to Freddys dead of New Nightmare, seeing Freddy back will be badass, but…

  • Terri

    HOLY SHIT!! A new kruger flick?! YESSSS!!! That totally just made my night.