I’m surprised no one else picked this up. In the latest January issue of EMPIRE magazine (the one with the bitchin’ Joker cover!), Eli Roth talked about his latest film TRAILER TRASH, a movie made up of faux movie trailers which was inspired by his experiences working on GRINDHOUSE. Despite TRAILER TRASH being all commercials, there will be a storyline that ties all the trailers together. In the article he revealed that among the trailers we can expect, THANKSGIVING 2, BEAR WITNESS 2: KANGAROO COURT and a zombie film in which the ghouls smoke pot! Read on for some choice quotes from the article!

Eli Roth talks the inspiration behind TRAILER TRASH (which he co-wrote with his brother Gabe, Jeff Rendell and Noah Belson) with EMPIRE Magazine. He says, "I made that Thanksgiving trailer and we were laughing so hard, I was like, ‘This is all I wanna do.’ How can I make a movie that’s as silly as Monty Python And The Holy Grail? I’m dying to."

He continues, "This can’t be complete insanity for 90 minutes. We have to ground it. We’ve been working through several different throughlines, which give us an excuse to get in and out of the trailers and scenes from movies, and also keep it simple."

Three of Roth’s coming attractions revealed…

THANKSGIVING 2 – "I’m so excited about the trailer for Thanksgiving 2 that I almost want to go right into making the film! We’ve got gags that are better than fucking the turkey!"

BEAR WITNESS 2: KANGAROO COURT – A sequel to the imaginary Bear Witness, in which a bear sees a Mob hit and enters the witness protection programme.

ZOMBIES ON POT – A horror spoof, in which zombies become addicted to dope – and then really get the munchies.

4 thoughts on “Eli Roth Talks THANKSGIVING 2 in TRAILER TRASH?!

  1. I think comedy is a step in the right direction for Roth. His sense of humor shows up much better than his sense of scary in all 3 of his movies so far.

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