FRIGHT friend Ken Sagoes (Kincaid from the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequels) informed us that he’s doing a walk-a-thon for charity in March for the Giving Back Corporation and wanted to get the word out to horror fans! He’s offering his autograph to any fans who make a small donation! (Which we think is awesome!) He encourages people to donate and get in touch via his My Space page! All the details are below, including links to his My Space page and our original interview with him!

Ken Sagoes official My Space page:

"One of the true nightmare on any street, is for a young person not to have the tools it takes to further their education." F*&%in’ A, – walking 26.2 miles will be harder than kickin’ that burnt-face Freddy Krueger’s ass all over dreamland.

On Sunday, March 2, 2008, Ken Sagoes aka "Kincaid" from "A Nightmare on Elm Street, III and IV" will walk in the Los Angeles Marathon to raise funds for GBC-Giving Back Corporation. GBC is a 501(c)3 organization he started in 1997, to help support young inner city students to further their education and to acknowledge those who paved the way for others to follow.

Over the years, Ken has helped over 300 young people with their supplies and books, sent kids to summer camp, helped teachers with supplies for their classrooms and paid for tutoring for students who have had problems with subjects.

Sagoes says, "I believe in giving back, because I was one of those young people who did not have. Then, someone made a sacrifice for me. Therefore, I am not just asking for your support, I am walking to EARN your support."

You can help by making a donation from now until March 3 for as little as $1.00 to GBC-GIVING BACK CORPORATION. If you make a donation of .25 cents of more per mile, Ken will send you a color 5×7 autographed photo of him walking the marathon, PERSONALLY signed to you. If you make a donation of .50 cents of more per mile, Ken will send you a color 8×10 autographed photo of him walking the marathon, personally signed to you. During the walk on March 2, 2008, you can go online at the Los Angeles XIII Marathon website and see what mile Ken is on at anytime during his journey.


Donate via the PAYPAL link on Ken’s My Space page ( or via the address listed below.

Mail To: GBC-Giving Back Corporation, P.O. Box 452201, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Click the frame below to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with KEN SAGOES!


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