Will Jennifer Tilly Give You The Willies in “THE CARETAKER”?

Jennifer Tilly, Judd Nelson and the jeepy creepy Jonathan Breck have wrapped up and are ready for a Valentine’s Day (2/14) 2008 DVD release of their latest film, "The Caretaker". Click in for a pic of Tilly, the poster, and synopsis of this campy new flick.


“The Caretaker” follows a group of teens as they head to an abandoned house in a grapefruit orchard where they are stalked by a real life urban legend, known as "The Caretaker." Judd Nelson is said to deliver a creepy performance as an overprotective father and the teenagers’ outlandish teacher, played by Ms. Tilly, is obsessed with getting famous by sleeping with a student.

The film will release on DVD on February 14th and will be available at Amazon.com and
TurkeyRanchProductions.com. You can also check out the "The Caretaker"’s official MySpace page for more information.


"The Caretaker" stars Tilly, Nelson, Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers), Andrew St. John ("Life is Wild"), Jennifer Freeman ("You Got Served"), James Immekus, Diego Torres, Lola Davidson and Kira Verrastro. With music by Jim Lang ("John Carpenter’s Body Bags," "In The Mouth Of Madness"). The film has been produced produced and written by Jackie Linder Olson and directed by Bryce Fridrik Olson. Also serving as producers were Brynn McQuade and Allison Wilke and executive produced by Steve Vande Vegte.



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