This was actually one of the more well thought out Independent movies I have seen in some time. The concept behind the film was well laid out. The acting wasn’t bad nad they managed to find some nice scenery in which to film. It is a shame that the box art for the DVD isn’t a little better laid out, as the lackluster cover will divert some viewers who aren’t familiar with the film.

            The film is set around a college campus and a group of students that are filming their own slasher film. The director of the film has a website and on that site he keeps posting information about the yet starlets, aka students, he is using in the shoot. The problem is, that every time he posts a girl on the site, she ends up dead. That is until the killer comes up against Martha King. She is a student who wanted nothing to do with the film, but ends up challenging the killer over the Internet and in the press thinking that this will make him back off.

            Like a seasoned writer, Kevin Campbell fills his story with twist and turns. There is plenty of misdirection and indications of who the killer is, but in the end he does a masterful job of disguising the culprit. The effects leave a little to be desired; even for a low budget film and the shot selection needs a little work as well. Considering this is only his second film, I think it is quite the achievement.

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