Delayed “V” Sequel Novel! Release Date SETTLED!

This summer we announced that "V: The Second Generation", a sequel to the mega-hit 1980’s NBC miniseries "V" and "V: The Final Battle" in the form of a novel would be hitting bookstores in October. The novel was written by original "V" writer/director Kenneth C. Johnson.

It wasn’t meant to be. Licensing issues arose between Warner Brothers and Tor Publishing regarding the rights. Lawyers…I wouldn’t be surprised to find they’re really lizard people. Anyway, after much wrangling (and the release of a mysterious Red Dust in the Warner Brothers legal department) the final release for the book is…..

…February 5th, 2008!

Here’s the synopsis of the book from Johnson’s official site, "The novel picks up the epic story 20 years after the original arrival of the alien Visitors. Anyone coming to V for the first time willvbe immediately swept up into the Brave New World which The Visitors have created. By bringing many benefits to humankind The Visitors have seduced the majority of earth’s people into believing they have our best interests at heart. But the brave people of The Resistance know the horrifying truth and are struggling to save humanity before it’s too late. Then, at their darkest hour, The Resistance discovers startling new Allies who have come to help."

So Pre-Order The Book At

The Visitors and Jesus will thank you:



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