Ryan Schifrin Talks SPOOKS Comic Book!

Writer/Director Ryan Schifrin (ABOMINABLE) recently did an interview with Comic Monsters.com to discuss SPOOKS, the comic book project he briefly mentioned in our ICONS interview last year. The horror themed book is described by Schifrin as "GI JOE versus monsters" (!) and the story itself is being concieved as "epic" in scale according to the interview. The first (of 4 issues) for SPOOKS is due out in February 2008 via Devil’s Due Publishing! Check out some artwork below, along with a link to his interview and our FRIGHT exclusive chat!

Full interview: http://www.comicmonsters.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=867

Check out our FRIGHT exclusive interview with RYAN SCHIFRIN by clicking the frame below!

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