THE GATE Being Remade? … In 3D?!

Wow. JoBlo is reporting that the 80’s cult classic THE GATE is next on the remake block! But fret not, according to the article, it’s being helmed by WETA FX guru Randall William Cook, who also worked on Peter Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and KING KONG. (As well as the original GATE and GATE 2) The plan is also to remake it in 3D! So, while we’re normally not excited when one of our personal favorites gets remade, having the right director in place and updating it with a 3D version does sound promising! Read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with the director of the original GATE, TIBOR TAKAS by clicking the frame below!

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Also, THE GATE 2 was once a pick in the VAULT OF THE FORGOTTEN AND OBSCURE! Click the logo to read more VAULT picks!

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