Mark The Date… SAW V Hits Theaters October 24, 2008!

Still scratching your heads at the ending of SAW IV? Well, you’ll have plenty of time to figure it all out once it hits DVD on January 22nd, 2008. And it’ll give you a few months to try to figure out what writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have cooked up next, because ready or not… SAW V hits theaters on October 24th, 2008! This time it’ll be directed by David Hackl, who served as production designer and second unit director on the previous SAW sequels. Dunstan and Melton (the writer’s of FEAST!) apparently have had SAW’s V and VI planned out since they took over writing duties on SAW IV. And according to rumor, portions of V were already shot during the production of IV. Either way, see you at the movie theater in October?

Details on the SAW IV DVD release: 

Original JAMES WAN (Director of SAW, DEAD SILENCE and DEATH SENTENCE) interview:


2 thoughts on “Mark The Date… SAW V Hits Theaters October 24, 2008!

  1. I don’t know about all this. I’m really worried thinking that all these sequals is going to kill the originality of Saw. Saw 3 felt like it ended the whole deal. The perfect trilogy where the 3rd one was the best, tying them all together. I saw Saw 4 and I gotta say, too many new characters, I really was scratching my head throughout the entire movie. I’m sure I’ll go see Saw 5, i’ll give anything a chance, who knows it may be good and explain more about 4, but I just had to comment and say i’m still a bit ‘iffy’ about all the new works coming up..

  2. I don’t know…
    I kinda think the third one kicked ass, I kinda thought that the fourth one was too short because it seemed like the third took forever to finish watching…
    I don’t know, hopefully the writers don’t screw up the series. Maybe Saw V will be better then all of them put together, who knows, I can’t wait though! 😀

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