Night of the Living Dorks
Not as much a horror film as it is a hilarious comedy featuring teenage zombies, Night of the Living Dorks is about three German high school students Philip (Tino Mewes), Konrad (Thomas Schmieder), and Weener (Manuel Cortez) as being three of the biggest losers at Friedrich Nietzsche High. Going along with most cliche’ high school comedies, Night of The Living Dorks plot involves Philip, the main character as being madly in love with Uschi, the most beautiful and popular girl in the whole school played by Nadine Germann.
As a desperate attempt to win Uschis affection, Philip goes about recruiting his gothic classmates to perform a voodoo love spell attended by Philip and his friends. When the ceremony goes completely awry the consequences result in the three friends changing into the living dead. Now, with the taste for flesh and the raging hormones of teenage boys, the three won’t be forgetting those that have bullied them these past few years and at the same time use their new invincibility to impress the ladies.
You do have the ability to cut out the subtitles and watch this film in English, however the overdubbing is tacky and is on a par with the Original Iron chef. This film is best experienced in it’s original language, German. Just turn on the English subtitles. I’d compare this movie to American Pie because of it’s likeness in humor but, for me, I give it more credit for having zombies as the lead characters. The title discouraged me at first but it turned out to be a completely entertaining film that made it a “must buy” on my movie list.
Special Features
The deleted and extended scenes aren’t much to be watched as the editing for the film was done well and anything left out wouldn’t have changed the movie at all. The alternate ending,however, is something worth checking out as its entirely different from the final cut. The funny reel isn’t all that funny but this movie can be forgiven for it’s lack of special features as the film is about young love, smoking pot and eating your enemies…and it doesn’t get much better than that!
-Elizabeth Puttkammer

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