This comedy takes on a completely original approach to a funny zombie flick! The story is set in a 1950’s town called Willard, where the people who live there have perfect etiquette and live normally as best they can in the wake of the recent “Zombie War”. With the technologies provided by Zomcon, a national security company, they have found a way to tame the flesh eaters by using remote control collars. The zombies are forced to work as butlers, servants and other low intelligence jobs such as delivering milk and newspapers. Everyone in the small town of Willard owns at least one zombie and in some cases many. Timmy Robinson (K’Sun Ray) and his mother (Carrie Ann Moss/Matrix’s Trinity) and father (Dylan Baker) have just purchased their first zombie,FIDO played by Billy Connolly. At first Mr. Robinson isn’t too comfortable with the newly hired help but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that now, with a new “person” in the house to help his wife with the dishes and practice baseball with his son, Mr. Robinson can now spend more time with the fellas at the golfing range. But poor Timmy doesn’t have any friends in his school or in his neighborhood and with his father ever absent from his world, FIDO becomes Timmys new best friend. Mrs.Robinson, Timmys mother, also begins to develop feelings for FIDO. One afternoon FIDOs collar malfunctions and he once again becomes a flesh hungry monster. Now,thanks to FIDO, there are zombies loose in the town of Willard. In order to keep FIDO from being taken away, Timmy and his mother must try to keep what FIDOs done a secret from Mr. Robinson and the head of Zomcon, Mr. Bottoms, who just so happens to be their new next door neighbor!
I loved this movie because it was like the Umbrella corporation meets Pleasantville. This is a film you can actually bring with you to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for the entire family to watch! OK, I may be stretching that a bit as some members of your family my not be OK with the viewing of detached, bloody limbs and kids with guns, but for the most part this film is family friendly. The script is amazing, it has awesome one liners and ironic humor. You feel like you’re watching an actual show from the 50’s but made with todays advances of film and sound. FIDO won the peoples choice/audience award in the London Canadian Film Festival along with 10 other awards including best visual effects!
Move over Lassie! FIDO has everything you had but with zombies to boost!
Special Features
I was disappointed in the special features on this DVD. I tried out the DVD-Rom which allows you “zombify” yourself using an uploaded picture but it wasn’t too impressive. The Blooper reel didn’t show anything spectacularly funny but some of the selected scenes with commentary were insightful. “FIDOs storybook” is kinda cool and is pretty much just a crash course animation of the movie, you can find it under “Fido Family Portraits”.
-Elizabeth Puttkammer

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