Dread Central is reporting that talk of the long rumored and awaited stage production of "PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE" might be happening again. It would, of course, be a stage version of Brian DePalma’s 1974 glam-rock "Phantom of the Opera/Faust" hybrid horror rock musical (what a description).

So, will it happen this time? Can the Phantom live and the Phoenix rise? Or are we banking on yet another one of Swans cold, cruel lies? 

Phantom of the Paradise 

Of course, we hate to be party poopers at Icons of Fright, but talks about a stage production of this underappreciated cult-classic go as far back as the early 1980’s. The film, which was a hit in Manitoba, Canada where it played for months on it’s original release, bombed almost everywhere else. DePalma and original producer Edward Pressman tried several times to get a stage show going, including a failed attempt to bring it to a Las Vegas theater.

However, Dread is reporting that word of the yet another attempted stage production is coming straight from the films composer and star Paul Williams, and is said to include Williams, Depalma and Pressman. Hey, not two months ago I sat front-row center for a Broadway production of "XANADU", so let’s just say anything can happen!

"Phantom of the Paradise" has also long been slated for a remake (at least according to IMDB), which would no doubt star Hannah Montana and a dancing CGI penguin.



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