Just as a film fan, this is just so darned cool that we had to share it with all of you! A video has surfaced on-line of famed director Martin Scorsese taking on a secret experimental project, the filming an un-shot Alfred Hitchcock movie based on a 3 and a half page script. The pages for the project titled "THE KEY TO RESERVA" are undated, but in the clip, Scorsese explains the abandoned project and his idea is to preserve a film that hasn’t been made. It’s totally fascinating! Click THIS link and check it out for yourself!!!

2 Responses to “SCORSESE Does HITCHCOCK?!”
  1. Jack says:

    Hi, there’s more info on the making of this movie on JWT’s blog – the agency which collaborated with Hitchese.

  2. MorganScorpion says:

    Who does he make it as? Why, Dario Argento, of course!

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