BLADE: THE SERIES Hits DVD On February 12th, 2008!

New Line has informed us that BLADE fans can look forward to a DVD box set of the entire series on February 12th of 2008! BLADE: THE SERIES will feature all 13 episodes from the short-lived series, completely extended, unrated and uncut. Sticky Fingaz played the title role on the television show. Check out the synopsis, list of special features and original DVD review for the pilot episode below!

Read our review of the pilot movie BLADE: HOUSE OF CHTHON by clicking the image below!

The hunt is on as Blade continues the battle against his immortal bloodsucking enemies in Blade: The Series, arriving on DVD from New Line Home Entertainment on February 12, 2008. Now, the complete series featuring all 13 extended, unrated and “too-graphic-for-TV” episodes, will be available in an action-packed, four-disc set. Based on the wildly successful Blade franchise, Blade: The Series follows Blade (Sticky Fingaz of the infamous rap group Onyx; Dead Presidents, Next Friday), a unique half-breed with all of the strengths of the vampire species but none of their weaknesses, in his quest to destroy the entire vampire population and save humanity. Sink your teeth into the secrets of the underworld with the behind-the-scenes “Turning Blade” documentary, and writer and director audio commentaries.

SYNOPSIS The legendary vampire hunter is reborn in Blade: The Series, collected here for the first time in its action-packed entirety. When the evil House of Chthon unveils a plan to infiltrate and overthrow the human race with a new vampire super-breed, only Blade (Sticky Fingaz) and a newly transformed ally (Jill Wagner) can save the world from entering an undead darkness.

· · “Turning Blade” documentary
· · Audio commentary by director Peter O’Fallon
· · Audio commentary from writers David Goyer and Geoff Johns
· · Animated menus
· · 16×9 widescreen (1.78) version of the film
· · English Dolby Digital 5.1 and English 2.0 Stereo Surround
· · English & Spanish subtitles
· · Closed captions

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