Trying to get by the name of this film along is hard enough. It is the kind of film you walked by in the video store and asked yourself “who puts out this crap?”, but here it was, sent for review. I do my best to choke through films sent to me for review because, to be honest, every once in a while you get surprised by something. Yeah, well, that wasn’t the case here. The film lives up to the title, poor.

            I’ll start with the no name cast. There are moments here that are painful to watch. It becomes obvious at several moments that the members of the cast have little to no experience, and probably did this for free. I do appreciate their attempt to portray their characters in a true to life manner, which includes a love triangle between the three main characters/friends, but also saw some of the missed opportunities to show some real acting prowess. In fact, some of the time, (the food fight scene especially) I felt like I was watching a Nickelodeon skit. The biggest problem I felt the acting faced here was the interaction between Cody, Tom and Lori. Cody and Tom worked well together, as two best friends should. But Lori (Rachel Diana), there lies the problem. I at no point felt an attraction between her and Cody. The attempt to create a triangle with her and Tom was miserable, and the total dismissal between two characters that supposedly had feelings for the same girl was just lame.

            The writing was really hurt at times as well. The general idea of the film is this; Tom and Cody are a racing team. Cody rides and Tom is the mechanic. They run across a riding team of zombies and spend the rest of the movie trying to stay alive. The Skullz Motocross team was never explored. You don’t know why they are there. No idea how they got that way and what role does their leader play in this. I get why they were after Cody, but to what end? There simply was no detail in the script, little direction, and a true lack of talent to pull the story through its weaknesses. Lets face it, sports mixed with zombies needs a hell of a lot going for it to begin with. Having weak everything makes this shelf clutter for blockbuster. The film simply stinks.

            Bonus features include some behind the scenes footage. Some bloopers, interviews, trailer, and some pictures galleries.


  1. lol this totally has to be put in Schlock Value, I saw it in the shops the other day and didn’t buy it dammit 😛

  2. I’m going to tell you something. It’s so easy for a reviewer to bullshit about something he obviously knows very little about. The comprehension of the general understandings of what acting and writing stand for are at most an elementary level throughout this review. DO NOT get me wrong. I do not think this is a good movie, but I cannot stand people who don’t know shit about what they’re talking about. Pardon the language. Anyway, the writing is poor, yes, and it’s plot devices are far from effective or masterful, the characters are a flattened two dimensions, and the dialogue is choppy and muddy. I, however, thought the talent was indeed a little more enjoyable. The good scenes are between the characters Lori and Tom. Both are quite subtle. It is obvious that most of this film was done on the fly, and for that I commend them for achieving the drama they did with little time for preparation. I would have loved to see a scene between Ivan and Tom. I think these two could grow to become two inspiring power actors. Your review however fails to persuade me that you understand any nuance of the craft of acting, or writing, or film-making. And for that my friend, you needn’t be ashamed, but just merely pick up a book. If I asked you why Denzel or Pacino are so good, could you even give me an answer? Or tell me what writers they like?

  3. To PJ
    Are you the same person who had a go at Foywonder over at Dread Central for bagging out this flick? You are aren’t you?

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