Icons of Fright has the first exclusive video look at writer/director Stevan Mena’s follow-up, a prequel, to the 2004 independently produced slasher film “Malevolence”.

Back in August of 2004, within the first two months after we launched this site, I caught a commercial for “Malevolence”. I’d never heard of the film (we really weren’t too in the know back then) and I was excited that what appeared to be an low-budget slasher film would be playing theatrically at the local multiplex.

And we loved the movie. If you’ve seen it you know it doesn’t break any new ground, but we hadn’t seen horror like this in theaters for a very long time. During the dreadful summer of “Alien Vs. Predator” and “Exorcist: The Beginning” no less! It was tense, dark, gloomy, and scary. It featured reprehensible and horrible people, and the innocent caught in their path, in an extremely unpleasant and nasty situation. It was hand-crafted, classic American horror. Almost as soon as we left the theater we decided this would be the first new film that we’d try to cover on Icons.

So we sought out the director and his cast, and “Malevolence” became not only the first new film that we covered pretty much from top to bottom, but the first of many, many of the films and people that we’d cover in the independent and underground horror world. Now, with “Malevolence: Bereavement”, our relationship with this special film has come full circle, and we’re proud to have this video set-visit as the first piece of original and exclusive video content.

So, take a few minutes and journey with us onto the set of “Malevolence: Bereveament”. The first of many more on-set video featurettes to come in the new Icons of Fright video section. Enjoy!