This is like Necro’s ninth release. It’s actually hard to tell because of all the guest appearances on other albums, comps and soundtrack releases he has worked on. If you are not familiar with Necro, they call it Death Rap and it is what it implies. It is the equivalent of Rap meeting Death Metal. The lyrics are dripping with references about old Death Metal bands, horror movies, mosh pits and hardcore bands. The album guest stars Brian from Shadow’s Fall, Mark from Lamb of God, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, Harley from the Cro-Mags, Mike from Suffocation, Steve Digiorgio from Death, Ray from Fates Warning and Ill Bill famous for La Coka Nostra. You can see the type of company Necro keeps, and he delivers an album like no other artist.

There are a lot of rhymes on this album. Being an old metalhead myself, there are a lot of rhymes that end up being a walk down memory lane. Throw in the horror references and this should be perfect for me. They even managed to secure Mark Riddick to do the art. For all intensive purposes, this is a metal album from the outside in. I for one just happen to think the last album was better. Not that the album lacks. It has its moments, and the delivery is strong. The lyrics are equally as well written, there was just a more musical element to Prefix for Death, that this doesn’t seem to have. That said, this is the real hard. Groups like Insane Clown Posse and the like all like to think they are tough. This is the real tough. The rhymes are hard, the company these guys keep are hard, and the riffs are hard. You want a real Hardcore Rap album, this is it from all aspects. They may not be Gangstas killing each other, but the tracks are harder than anything you will find anywhere. They are like the Carcass of Hip Hop. (CD)- Myk


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