Icons of Fright’s Jsyn (“The Vault of the Forgotten and Obscure”) and Adam Barnick highly recommended Larry Fessenden’s film “The Last Winter”. It’s in theaters right now on a very limited basis, but it’s come to our attention that if you’re lucky enough to have IFC On Demand, or a cable company that has a strong on-demand lineup, that you might be able to order the film right now.
Click below to check out the trailer for THE LAST WINTER and the poster artwork. Looks good!


One thought on “THE LAST WINTER Now On-Demand!?

  1. Hey Peeps,
    To clarify, you don’t need to subscribe to the IFC channel or the IFC In Theaters service… in NY on IO Cable you can purchase a 24hr rental for $6.95 under the Movies on Demand thingy. Trust me, if you are fan of bleak, smart, classic horror ala Carpenter’s THE THING, you’ll really dig this.

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