Icons of Fright’s Jsyn (“The Vault of the Forgotten and Obscure”) and Adam Barnick highly recommended Larry Fessenden’s film “The Last Winter”. It’s in theaters right now on a very limited basis, but it’s come to our attention that if you’re lucky enough to have IFC On Demand, or a cable company that has a strong on-demand lineup, that you might be able to order the film right now.
Click below to check out the trailer for THE LAST WINTER and the poster artwork. Looks good!


  • Jsyn

    Hey Peeps,
    To clarify, you don’t need to subscribe to the IFC channel or the IFC In Theaters service… in NY on IO Cable you can purchase a 24hr rental for $6.95 under the Movies on Demand thingy. Trust me, if you are fan of bleak, smart, classic horror ala Carpenter’s THE THING, you’ll really dig this.