I AM LEGEND Trailer!

If you head over to the official website for I AM LEGEND at www.IAmLegend.com, you’ll be treated to the latest trailer from the Will Smith flick. Based on the original Richard Matheson novel and directed by Francis Lawrence (CONSTANTINE), I AM LEGEND opens Dec. 14th, 2007. The IMAX screening will also boast a special 7 minute prologue to THE DARK KNIGHT and give us our first look at the Joker. Check out the original teaser trailer for the I AM LEGEND over on the Apple website at THIS link.



One thought on “I AM LEGEND Trailer!

  1. Ilove every movie that will plays and this movie was one of his best.I am one of his biggest fans.I am a fan of him and jada and would love to meet him i’ve seen everything will has played in.Ilove u will

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