I’ve put off reviewing this disc for a few weeks on purpose because I didn’t really know what to say about it. On one hand, “Poltergeist” is probably my favorite genre film of all time, and a DVD release with restored picture and sound is great. For video and audiophiles, maybe this is the version you’ve been aching to own. I’ll have to be honest with you and tell you I don’t have a 16:9 plasma screen television or even a home theater sound system, so the picture and sound seem just about the same as they did on the bare-bones disc.

On the other hand packaging that disc, beautiful picture and sound, in a fancy box with “25th Anniversary Edition” slapped on the cover leaves this particular fan with some higher than average expectations.

A 25th Anniversary Edition DVD should, for example, include more than a hokey documentary on “real ghosts”.

That’s why I can’t possibly recommend this DVD, as much as it breaks my heart to say that.

The movie remains, in my opinion, the greatest damned haunted house movie ever made. Everything about “Poltergeist” is pitch perfect. I don’t care who “really” directed it. I don’t care about the so-called “curse” that’s followed the actors. All I’d ever really want out of “Poltergeist” DVD is some insight into why this film worked so well. Give me a commentary by cast or crew, give us a vintage featurette. This disc doesn’t even have the classic theatrical trailers (which are fantastic) that were included in the bare-bones edition.

Come on, now. Is the best look inside the making of “Poltergeist” really going to remain that “E! True Hollywood Story” episode I see hawked for $20 by every bootleg DVD dealer at horror conventions? Even putting that on this disc would have been a treat.

I’m not even including our standard link to Amazon.com on this one, guys. In fact:


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