Our contact over at Media-Blasters sent along the press release for the new Fever Dreams production WICKED LAKE, the company’s 5th production to be directed by Zach Passero, based on a screenplay by Adam Rockoff (author of GOING TO PIECES). Filmmaker Chris Sivertson (THE LOST, I KNOW WHO KILLED ME) and his Scattershot Production will co-produce the film. We learned exclusively that the film will star genre faves TIM THOMERSON and ANGELA BETTIS and will feature a original score by MINISTRY’s AL JOURGENSON. (Our source revealed his score will be "extremely hard") We’ll give you more details when we get them. In the meantime, check out the press release below:


(New York City) Fever Dreams LLC. is proud to announce the start of production on WICKED LAKE, the company’s fifth feature film.   WICKED LAKE is an erotically charged supernatural shocker to be directed by Zach Passero, based on an original screenplay by Adam Rockoff.  WICKED LAKE is the sordid supernatural tale of a group of four co-ed girls who look forward to a relaxing weekend getaway.  Unbeknownst to them, two clans of deranged male misfits follow them to their secluded, picturesque lakeside cabin in the mountains.  The girls appear to be easy prey for the predatory perverts until the fateful stroke of midnight when all hell, literally, breaks loose!

Chris Sivertson and his Scattershot Productions will co-produce the film with Fever Dreams LLC.  Mr. Sivertson recently made his impressive directorial debut with the acclaimed indie feature, THE LOST based on Jack Ketchum’s best selling novel.  His second directorial effort is TriStar’s I KNOW WHO KILLED ME starring Lindsay Lohan, is currently in theatrical release.  Chris also edited Lucky McKee’s acclaimed MAY.

WICKED is Adam Rockoff’s first feature-length screenplay.  Adam is the author of GOING TO PIECES: THE RISE & FALL OF THE SLASHER FILM (McFarland Publishing), a scholarly and entertaining book that surveys the 80s slasher film phenomenon that was the basis for the STARZ documentary featuring Rob Zombie, John Carpenter, Wes Craven and other genre heavyweights.  Mr. Rockoff is currently scripting Fever Dreams’ FLESH FOR THE BEAST 2.

Zach Passero is a Texas-based filmmaker who attended USC film school with such indie film mavericks as Lucky McKee (MAY, THE WOODS), Chris Sivertson (THE LOST, I KNOW WHO KILLED ME) and Rian Johnson (BRICK).  Zach lent his camera skills to Sivertson’s THE LOST as well as directing, editing features, commercials and music videos for bands like Ministry.

Fever Dreams most recent feature, THE MACHINE GIRL has just wrapped principal photography in Japan.  Their previous producing credits include FLESH FOR THE BEAST, SHADOW: DEAD RIOT and the U.S./Japan co-production DEATH TRANCE.  Stay tuned for more WICKED LAKE announcements and updates!

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