First Director’s Revealed for FEAR ITSELF, the MASTERS OF HORROR Follow-up!

At the recent Scream Awards in Hollywood, California, both Shock Till You Drop and Bloody-Disgusting uncovered the first details about FEAR ITSELF, the unofficial follow-up to the MASTERS OF HORROR series, set to debut on NBC from series creator MICK GARRIS. Shock’s reporting that STUART GORDON, TOBE HOOPER and JOHN CARPENTER will each be helming an episode, as well as BRAD ANDERSON (THE MACHINIST, SOUNDS LIKE) who is expected to direct an episode written by MATT VENNE (who wrote Argento’s PELTS). Garris is hoping to do an adaptation of Stephen King’s Home Delivery, while Bloody-Disgusting reports that STEVE NILES (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) will also be writing an episode.

FEAR ITSELF will be a new anthology series debuting on NBC sometime in 2008. LIONSGATE will be releasing the uncut/unedited versions of each episode on DVD, similar to how Anchor Bay handled the MASTERS OF HORROR series. With the names we’re hearing above, and the challenge of pushing the envolope for what can be seen on regular television, the series should be interesting to say the least!

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