Jake Kennedy’s DAYS OF DARKNESS Coming To You from LIONSGATE! Trailer!

A few years back, we chatted with up and coming filmmaker Jake Kennedy about WE ALL FALL DOWN, his impressive horror short that played multiple film festivals and eventually ended up being a part of FANGORIA’S BLOOD DRIVE Volume 2 DVD. He briefly mentioned plans back then to start working with a "zombie" project. and it looks like the flick is finally done and just about ready for release after a successful screening at Screamfest last week where LIONSGATE picked up the film for distribution! Congrats to Jake! We look forward to more genre contributions from you in the future and can’t wait to check out DAYS OF DARKNESS! See the trailer below and read our interview with him below!

Click the frame to read our FRIGHT exclusive chat with JAKE KENNEDY from 2005.


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