Combs NOT Keen On Political RE-ANIMATOR?

In our recent FRIGHT exclusive interview with Jeffrey Combs, we spoke briefly about the much-talked about new RE-ANIMATOR sequel HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR. Refresher – HOUSE would reunite the entire team responsible for the first RE-ANIMATOR film including director Stuart Gordon, writers Gordon and Dennis Paoli, Combs and producer Brian Yuzna. In the story, Herbert West is brought in by the government to resurrect the recently deceased president currently in office because he must remain to appear alive to the American people! When asked about the idea of putting Herbert West, a character Combs has a great affinity for in a political satire, he had some interesting things to say.

"Well, this is one of those things where Stuart and I still have an on-going difference of opinion on! Because my argument was “Fine.” I love the idea of Herbert getting put into a political story where the President or Vice-President is dead and can’t be, so I resurrect him, bring him back and chaos ensues. I love that sort of idea! But where we sort of veer away from each other is that Stuart wants to do it right on the nose. Like an impersonation of Bush and Cheney and all of them."

"I just thought, firstly RE-ANIMATOR has never been a political vehicle and you’ve got a long way to go to convince me that it should be! And two, that’s fine now, but in two years I don’t know if it’s still relevant. Then as it came closer and closer to like, you have to write this thing, then you have to shoot it, then you have to post, then you have to release it before an election day, it became even more and more clear to me that it shouldn’t be an impersonation."

"It should be like DR. STRANGELOVE. Have a dynamic where there is a President and a Vice-President that are running rough-shot over all of our liberties and freedoms. But don’t have it be so obvious. When you see DR. STRANGELOVE, none of those people are particularly recognizable as anyone that’s ever been president. And yet, the point is made about power. Absolute power and corrupting absolutely. And so, that’s sort of been my take on it."

Because of the political subject matter, Gordon has mentioned in previous interviews that it’s been a difficult film to convince investors to finance.

Combs adds, "He is right. People are weary about financing it. They don’t want to go there. I’m not so sure that horror and politics are a mix."

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