Just added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with JEFFREY COMBS! It’s hard to be a genre fan and not be impressed with the constant contributions of thespian actor JEFFREY COMBS. He’s appeared in everything from HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL to FROM BEYOND to THE FRIGHTENERS, as well as several FULL MOON movies such as CASTLE FREAK, DOCTOR MORDRID and THE PIT & THE PENDULUM. He a frequent collaborator with filmmaker Stuart Gordon. Most recently on THE BLACK CAT, and together the duo created a true Icon of Fright, Herbert West from RE-ANIMATOR. We’re proud to present a candid, casual conversation with Jeffrey about his work.

Click the frame below to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with JEFFREY COMBS!

  • Elisa

    Great (and cute!) interview! I think you’re a friend of my friend Cynthia! I was at Monster Mania too. I may have met you there b/c I was helping to promote “Abominable.” That was the first time I met Jeff. He’s so sweet! 🙂
    I now write the blog for Jeff’s site (
    Thanks for this! Great stuff! I really enjoyed it! 🙂