Director’s Found For HELLRAISER Remake?

Last year, Dimension issued a press release that they intended to remake Clive Barker’s classic debut flick HELLRAISER (based upon his novella THE HELLBOUND HEART). The good news was that Barker himself intended to write the script. Since then, there’s been no word on the progress of the project. Until now. Read on to find out who’s directing…

Both Shock Till You Drop and Bloody-Disgusting are reporting that Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the filmmakers behind the thriller INSIDE are going to write and direct the new HELLRAISER film. It will be based on a 40 page treatment written by Pinhead’s creator himself, Clive Barker.

B-D seems to really love the duo’s flick INSIDE and thinks these guys are perfect for the job of bringing Pinhead and his Cenobites back. Count us intrigued!

Original Shock article:

Original B-D article: 

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