Can We Escape the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Remake?!

There’s been rumored rumblings of a remake to John Carpenter’s classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK for several months now. After the huge success of 300, one name being thrown around to play the new Snake Plissken was Gerard Butler. (Kurt Russell owned the role of Snake in the original ESCAPE movies.) For months now, Len Wiseman (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, the UNDERWORLD movies) was in negotiations to direct. Well, he’s out and a new director is in place. But it’s not going to make anyone happy… Read on…

IESB is reporting that Brett Ratner is now on board as the director of the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake. Ratner’s previously helmed X-MEN 3, RED DRAGON and all 3 RUSH HOUR films.

Lord help us?

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