Wow. Warner Brothers must’ve been raiding their vaults these past few months! Either that or just keeping tabs at what’s been selling as bootlegs on the convention circuit. Regardless, it’s all good news for us, as the WB provides us with 6 obscure and unique horror films dubbed the “TWISTED TERROR” box set to add to our already ever-growing DVD collections.

Since I reviewed each of the titles individually, I’m just going to give a brief synopsis of what each film is about. Just click on the title and it’ll link you to the more extensive individual review of the movie.

THE HAND: One of director Oliver Stone’s first films! Stars Michael Caine as a comic book artist who loses his hand in a terrible car accident. As he struggles to readjust, the people in his life who have wronged him suddenly meet to untimely deaths at the hand of… well… his killer severed hand!

DR. GIGGLES: One time DARKMAN foe Larry Drake plays Evan Rendell, aka DR. GIGGLES, a maniac who’s just escaped from a mental institution and who insists on following in his father’s footsteps by being a doctor. And this doc makes house calls that turn deadly! Great, cheesy, gory fun from the early 90’s!

SOMEONE’S WATCHING ME! Finally, John Carpenter’s long lost TV movie makes it’s way to DVD. It stars Lauren Hutton as a woman being stalks and harassed by a potential killer. Adrienne Barbeau and Charles Cyphers also star in Carpenter’s pre-HALLOWEEN flick.

DEADLY FRIEND: Wes Craven’s follow-up to NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is a new take on the Frankenstein story and loosely based on the novel FRIEND by Diana Henstell. Paul is a boy genius who moves into town with his mother and robot creation BB. He falls for the girl next door who dies suddenly at the hands of her abusive father. He refuses to let her die and brings her back to life using the same technology used to create BB. Only she comes back with killer tendencies. Kristy Swanson debuts as the girl next door, Sam.

EYES OF A STRANGER: Another long lost “slasher” picture from the production company that produced FRIDAY THE 13th. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a young mute, blind girl who’s being stalked by a murderer/rapist who’s been terrorizing Miami for weeks. Kinda creepy, kinda sleezy. This is definitely one from the golden era of “slasher” pics that you have to check out!

FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: An anthology film featuring 4 separate ghost stories and boasting an impressive British cast which includes Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasance, David Warner, Ian Bannen and more.

I mentioned before that the above titles are the types of things you’d probably pick up at a horror convention one weekend and that’s part of the appeal of this box set. Sure all of them are completely diverse and span from the 70’s all the way through the 90’s. But SOMEONE’S WATCHING ME pairs up nicely with EYES OF A STRANGER as a double feature. As do guilty pleasures DR. GIGGLES and DEADLY FRIEND. And hell, THE HAND and FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE match. One’s got Michael Caine. The other’s got a bunch of British folks. Overall, I love the TWISTED TERROR collection, because it can easily be 6 hard to find movies that you would buy at a convention on bootleg. Only now, they’re not hard to find anymore. They look and sound great. They’re all in widescreen. And they’re all in one collection. Highly recommended! –Robg.

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