Having worked at an insurance company for five years, Ben Caruso is looking for something better. Taking the advice of a client, he visits corporate headhunter Sarah Tierney who gets him a job for higher pay working the graveyard shift. On his first night on the job he encounters strange occurrences. A weird voice over the intercom. A man who walks past Ben’s office and seemingly disappears when Ben goes after him. A Xerox machine printing hundreds of papers with weird, shadowy images that seem to be some kind of animation when flipped through. When Ben goes back to Sarah’s office, it seems no one there knows who he is talking about. After a little detective work he finds out Sarah was murdered ten years prior. She was apparently beheaded and the murder went unsolved. When Ben finds out he must find the head and reunite it with Sarah’s body by the end of two days, it’s a race against time to save himself from becoming another ghost that haunts the office building. The premise of Headhunter is really nothing that hasn’t been done before. A ghost trapped between worlds waiting for someone to help them cross over and find their killer in the process. However, it is a pleasant viewing experience. There may not be any Sixth Sense-like chills and thrills, twists and turns, or surprise endings, but it is an effective little ghost story. The strong performances by most of the actors keep the viewer interested along with a decent amount of gore and a little sex to keep things from lagging. Overall, it’s nothing that will blow you away. You won’t walk away feeling amazed by what you’ve seen. Granted, there are better ghost story movies out there, but once you’ve seen them you might went to give this simple, little movie a try.

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