Wow! Another little horror gem I’d never seen from before I was even born! FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE is somewhat of an anthology film. There’s 4 different stories through out the duration of the film, but the common thread is that a character from each story stops by the old antique shop run by none other then Peter Cushing!

Pretty much, if you go shopping at Peter Cushing’s antique shop, try to swindle him, rip him off, or hell… even bargain with the guy, something terrible is going to happen to you for the next 20 minutes!

The first person to make a purchase is none other then David Warner! (Man, this flick’s got a great cast. Just wait. It gets better.) David Warner plays Edward Charlton who purchases an old antique mirror from Cushing. He has a party, and decided to have a séance, which awakens a ghost trapped within the mirror, who gives instructions to Edward to “bring him victims”. So, he uncontrollably feels compelled to bring home girls and murder them in front of the mirror to satisfy the mirror ghost. Oh yeah. Warner. Going bat-shit crazy. It’s wonderful.

Next up, a gent keeps coming across a match-book salesman on the streets, played by Donald Pleasance. For some reason, this fellow keeps a little white lie going by convincing Jim Underwood (Pleasance) that he’s a war vet and has a purple heart. Mister Underwood starts inviting the man back to his place for warm meals with him and his daughter (played by Donald’s real life daughter Angela!). Eventually, the daughter puts the moves on the man, but are the Underwood’s true intentions more sinister then they appear to be?

In the third segment, a gentleman hires Madame Orloff to excise a spirit that’s fixed itself on his shoulder. In the final segment, a man buys an antique door from Cushing’s shop and once he installs it in his home for his closet, it actually becomes the door to another dimension. And an angry ghost is trying to get out!

Overall, I had fun watching FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. It was well-paced, presented short old-school ghost stories, had a fantastic cast and kept me entertained the whole way through. I recommend this if you want to try out something a little different!

Features include only a widescreen presentation and a theatrical trailer. –Robg.

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