Oh! God bless it! Next up in the “Twisted Terror Collection” is the early 90’s “slasher” flick DR. GIGGLES, featuring DARKMAN bad-guy Larry Drake as the good ol’ doctor!

Man, I remember seeing this in theaters! And I honestly think it’s been at least a decade since I’ve last had a look at this movie. I remember liking it when I initially saw it. But then again, I was 15 in 1992. And I always approach these movies that gave me fond memories back then with caution now because I’m petrified they’re going to be terrible. Well, DR. GIGGLES isn’t a horror masterpiece, but I’ll be damned, it still entertains the hell out of me!

I love how this movie just jumps right in.  It opens with Larry Drake, nick-name Dr. Giggles performing an operation on a patient while a bunch of people look on. Turns out, the on-lookers are nuts and we’re in an insane asylum where the good doctor has managed to escape from his room. Right off the bat, we get several kills and the flick is already off to a bloody good start. After his escape, Giggles heads back to his old house, pulls out all of his father’s old M.D. gear and starts making some house calls!

A group of teens plan to play a trick on each other by breaking into the house and locking one of the couples in one of the rooms. Standard teenage horror high-jinx. But in this case, it gives Dr. Giggles his next few victims. The thing I really like about the movie from here on in is the back story that slowly creeps into play. Turns out Dr. Giggles is really little Evan Rendell, the son of a well respected local doctor who became insane shortly after his wife had fallen ill. Evan wanted nothing more then to be a doctor just like his father, and we see glimpses of his childhood, which included dissecting all of stuffed animals. Apparently, Dr. Rendell Sr. was responsible for the death of a few of his patients, the locals got a little antsy and dragged him out of his house for a little payback. Evan was never found, but it’s obvious that he’s our maniacally deranged doctor!

There’s plenty of cool gory bits and kills through out. And Larry Drake drops a lot of one-liners and giggles a lot. But, believe it or not, although most will argue that the filmmakers were trying to give Dr. Giggles those Freddy-esque one-liners, I always thought (and still think) that his comments before a kill were quite disturbing. Obviously the gibber of a lunatic. Besides, there’s a scene where Drake is pulling a bullet out of his gut by himself and giggling like a madman the whole time. Very unnerving to me. Not campy.

But hell, what do I know? Other then that this is one of my guiltiest pleasures and I look forward to inflicting the rest of the Icons crew with this movie via a private screening shortly!

Special Features: Sadly, none, but the movie’s in widescreen now as opposed to it’s previous incarnation! –Robg.

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