A group of friends have a get together weekend at a cabin in the woods. After playing a game of Dead Mary, which is basically the same as Bloody Mary, the evil spirit of Mary is released and begins taking possession of the group one by one. The trust between the friends completely dissipates when no one can tell if people are who they say they are or victims of Dead Mary. Overall, I would say Dead Mary is a mixed bag. It delivers in the horror department, but is bogged down by some of the drama on display. It’s admirable that an effort was put in for deeper character development, but in the end we don’t learn much beyond their sex lives. I’d say it was necessary to show the relationships between everyone for a maximum effect when they turn on each other, but the back stories didn’t provide much to get know the characters and to care about them. The main couple is Kim and Matt who had an open relationship, but are currently split up. Next, is the married couple Amber and Dash. Dash has checkered past with cheating on Amber and treating her like a doormat while Amber might be hiding secrets of her own. Then, there’s Baker and his new, younger girlfriend Lily. Nothing exciting there. Finally, we have Eve who is single and tends to go for taken men. All the actors do a good job in having the audience believe they’ve been friends for ten years. They handled the material well and did they most they could with it. I think the horror element of the story is very strong, but it takes over 40 minutes to get there. It has an obvious Evil Dead similarity to it, but goes in a slightly different direction. There is some good gore, some of it shown, sometimes effectively implied mostly by sound effects and the reactions of the characters. While Dead Mary is a good horror movie it could have been a little tighter. While some of the exposition was needed, a lot only dragged the movie in places. Especially in the scenes placed between the horror moments. It’s totally necessary to have them, but they were too long. I feel it would have benefitted the movie to sacrifice roughly ten minutes. Despite it’s being a tad unbalanced, Dead Mary is worthwhile viewing even if only once. I also can’t help myself in sharing this little piece of dialogue between Baker and a possessed Dash that I found most amusing:

"What do you want?"

"What do I want? I want you to stopping stabbing me in the goddamn face with garden tools!"

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