So I guess this "movie" is supposed to be about the Zodiac killer. The only problem is that it is not based on any factual information from the actual case. It’s all complete nonsense. There is not one favorable thing I can say about this "movie." Okay, I thought of one. The "actress" Cassandra Church is a beautiful girl. But then again that says nothing of the "movie" itself. Her "acting" along with everyone else’s is a total joke anyway. The Zodiac speaks with a really annoying voice which I guess is supposed to sound menacing and he says the term "fat f*ck" at least 60 times throughout the 82 minute running time. It looks like this trash was written, filmed, edited all in a day. There is not one iota of professional film making present through this whole damn thing. Ulli Lomell is a despicable "director." All of his "movies" are like this with their below home movie quality. Everything associated with this individual is vile except for The Boogeyman, a movie he made in 1980. I don’t know how the man responsible for that is also responsible for the tripe he’s been releasing the last several years. Speaking of releasing, how in the hell is a well respected studio like Lion’s Gate picking this sh*t up and releasing it? Not just this "movie," but several others. Does Mr. Lomell have some heavy dirt on the heads of Lion’s Gate? Please, please put a stop to this. Man-kind has enough atrocities in this world without Ulli Lomell’s "movies" polluting video stores. To my fellow horror fans, if you are in a store and see a Ulli Lomell dvd, unless it is called The Boogeyman, do not touch it, do not even look at it. As a matter of fact, run screaming in the opposite direction.

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Ulli Lomell, Producer Nola Roeper and Associate Editor Christian Behm, Bonus Footage, Still Gallery -Neil

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