After stepping on a land mine, Vietnam war veteran Eddie Turner is left armless and legless. His fiancee, Dr. Winifred Walker, seeks the assistance of her former teacher Dr. Stein. The doctor plans to perform an operation to attach new arms and legs to poor limbless Eddie. However, Dr. Stein’s assistant Malcolm has fallen in love with Winifred. Realizing he doesn’t stand a chance with her as long as Eddie is around, he switches the DNA that is to be used for Eddie’s operation. Of course this leads to disastrous results as Eddie turns into a Frankenstein-like monster with an afro. While I have not seen many blaxploitation movies, I think it’s safe to say there are better out there than Blackenstein. That’s not to say it’s bottom of the barrel either. It’s a rather plain movie. There’s really no ups or downs. It just kind of flatlines most of the way through. The acting is monotonous and dull. Especially, that of the guy playing Eddie. Wake up, man. The gore effects are laughable. The movie is very slow with a lot of unnecessary pacing. All that said, Blackenstein is rather enjoyable in a Mystery Science Theater kind of way, but not as bad as the movies they show and not that much better. I’d say it was worth viewing once, but no more. I’m sure it has it’s audience and some people are bound to like it, but those people are few and far between. Of possible interest to anyone who may have liked Abby.

Special Features: Trailers for other releases from Xenon Pictures. -Neil

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