This film was originally released under the title “Curse Of The Maya” according to IMDB. That title is far more appropriate than the one it was released under. Dawn Of The Living Dead just screams like something trying to capitalize off something it is not. It has nothing to do with the Romero films, it isn’t in the same league as the Romero films and for me it just reads like false advertising portraying it has something to do with those classics.

            The premise behind this film is that a couple, a patient from a psych ward and her doctor turned fiancé, inherit a house in the middle of the desert. Thinking this would be a good way for Renee to get straight, they move to this house, which turned out to be an old safe house for South America illegals. But the true history of the house was that a family of Mayan immigrants was murdered at the house and not their zombie ghost spirits haunt the house and eat anyone who comes within a small distance of the house.

            Rene and Jeffery meet a local wind farmer named Michael and his co-worker Herardo (played by none other than Todd Bridges). Rene and Michael have an affair of Rene gets in a fight with Jeffery and he leaves her in the house alone. Rene quickly finds out why the house is abandoned and she needs to lay the zombie family to rest before they kill her and everyone else.

            The effects leave a lot to be desired. The acting pretty much redefines the word bad and even the sex scenes, usually the shining moment in films like this, are ho hum at best. Amanda Baumann, who plays Rene, isn’t entirely ugly, but she is no beauty queen either. David Heavener, who plays Michael, also wrote, directed and produced the film. I for one think he took on too much, as none of it is particularly good. The camera angels are weird, the production is often weak and the outdoor shots might as well have been done on video the way some of it is blown out. This is a prime example of what has become possible through the direct to video market.


Bonus Features: There is a trailer and a short behind the scenes documentary/interview, mostly a lot of chest puffing from Heavener about why he shot the picture on film instead of video. -Myk

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