I kind of like the show SUPERNATURAL. I recall last year renting the entire First Season just to get a feel for what the show was about. It’s centers around two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester who go from town to town hunting demons and various other supernatural beings, while looking for their father as well as the demon that killed their mother and who in essence sent them on this path to being with. Sure, there are moments of cheese (mostly in some of the dialogue), but if you’re a horror fan, then the pros far outweigh the cons. In the first season alone, the brothers go up against a Wendigo, Bloody Mary, poltergeists, demons, shapeshifters, phantoms, the infamous “Hookman”, a killer scarecrow, haunted houses and more. So, I was intrigued and curious to see what Season Two had to offer.

After the first couple of episodes, I honestly wasn’t sure if this was going to match the quality of the first season in terms of storytelling and finding cool “horror” themed tie-ins, but by the 4th or 5th episode it was clear that this was going to be an even better season. Sure, there are still plenty of cheese moments, but between the brother’s perfect on-screen chemistry (actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) and the various “horror” subjects tackled from episode to episode, I found myself thoroughly entertained and eagerly anticipating the box set’s lead up to the season finale. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

In Episode 2: EveryBody Loves A Clown, the Winchester brothers investigate a series of mysterious deaths surrounding a carnival site. Turns out it’s a ghost who appears as a “killer clown”. (That’s right, fiends! A killer clown episode!) Episode 3: Bloodlust introduces vampires for the first time to the show, as well as a vampire hunter who plays a part later in the season. Episode 4: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things – First off, has a killer title (obviously a nod to the Bob Clark film of the same name) and features a girl come back from the dead (Tamara Feldman from HATCHET!) for vengeance. In Episode 5: Simon Says, the brothers encounter a killer with the ability of persuasion.

Episode 7: The Usual Suspects find the boys captured by the police and interrogated by Detective Ballard (a GREAT appearance by The Exorcist’s Linda Blair). This was one of Season Two’s strongest, but I warn you, they spoil it with a cheesy “pea-soup” joke before the episode is finished. Crossroad Blues: Episode 8 is a unique story. It follows several people whom have sold their soul for something in return, ala blues legend Robert Johnson. Episode 9: Croatoan involved an entire town getting infected by a undetectable demon virus. This one’s their nod to “THE THING”.

Episode 13: Houses Of The Holy has the boys looking into an avenging angel? Do angels really exist and would one actually influence people to kill? Other episodes (don’t want to give away which) have exorcisms and a reality-altering man who conjures everything up from UFO’s to giant alligators to chainsaw wielding maniacs! Episode 17: Heart finally tackles a horror subject I was waiting for… werewolves! And the season finale is a two-parter called All Hell Breaks Loose. (Self explanatory.)

Overall, Season Two of Supernatural was a lot of fun and a lot better then I anticipated. The two brothers are both really likable, great characters and although they have to deliver the occasion cheesy line here and there, it’s forgivable considering they fight everything from killer clowns to werewolves to the ghosts of highway serial killers. Special features on the box set include episode specific commentaries, a making-of featurette for All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2, Jared’s original screen test for the role of Sam and a gag reel.

The box sets are a little on the expensive side (ranging between $50-$60 bucks at most retailers), but both seasons are definitely worth a rental if you’re curious. And Amazon often has sales on the box sets. Check the link below. –Robg.

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